Price list

Price list of the Sauna World

Everyday from 13:00 to 22:30

Length of stay in wellness: 90 min + 15 min

Basic admission
389 CZK

Unlimited length of stay in wellness

Basic admission
489 CZK

Multisport card
For Multisport card holders

Length of stay in wellness: 90 min + 15 min

279 CZK

Length of stay in wellness: Unlimited

379 CZK
*ID needs to be presented together with Multisport card

Discounted admission
Presentation of the relevant document required

Length of stay in wellness: 90 min + 15 min

Students up to 26 years, seniors from 60 years, disabled,
children up to 15 years
279 Kč

Additional information

  • The admission fee includes 1 towel and 1 bed sheet.
  • All prices include VAT. 15 minutes are extra added to all admissions for the changing room.
  • You can pay either with cash or credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro).
  • Sodexo and Benefit Plus accepted
If the time limit is exceeded, the time a visitor will spend over is calculated by minutes (6 CZK per minute).

Price list of the Private Wellness

Daytime Private Wellness
11:00 AM – 22:30 PM

Length of stay in wellness: 60 min

1590 CZK

Length of stay in wellness: 90 min

1890 CZK

Length of stay in wellness: 120 min

2390 CZK

Nighttime Private Wellness
21:00 PM – 10:00 AM

All night stay

4990 CZK
  • Heated Finnish sauna and whirlpool included in the price
  • Sauna temperature 85-95 °C, hot tub temperature 37 °C
  • Always perfectly cleaned and client privacy respected
  • Possibility to use the minibar in the wellness area with payment at the reception
  • The price is valid for two people, each additional person for an additional charge of CZK 200
  • Private wellness is strictly non-smoking